Somes figures

How to summarize Mondorf-les-Bains in a few figures.

5.346 Number of inhabitants in December the 1st 2019
2.500 Parking places (Center)
109 Number of hectares of wood
75 Benches
1300 Surface area in m2 of the event space (CASINO 2OOO, MONDORF Domaine Thermal)
30 Restaurants
13 Hotels
10 Playgrounds
+ de 200 Shops (all combined)
42 Number of hectares of the MONDORF park Domaine Thermal
20,60 & 10 Respectively, distance in km from Mondorf-les-Bains to Luxembourg Station, Metz and the German border
8 Hiking trails / cyclists
54 Number of seats in the cinema hall Waasserhaus
300 Minimum of events and activities organized each year