1841, a key date !

1841, a key date in the history of our beautiful city, which marks the beginning of a long series of transformations, renovations, demolitions and constructions 

Since that day, Mondorf-les-Bains has not stopped, in spite of many hazards, to make every effort to become what it is today, that is to say a special destination where everyone finds its own pleasure.

Here is a small history from 1841 to today.

1841 Beginning of drilling at the origin of the first thermal spring (for the search of rock salt).
1846 After 5 years of effort, discovery of the first thermal spring: the Kind source at a depth of 736 m (world record) • Birth of the spa.
20th June 1847 Inauguration of the first thermal establishment.
1852 1st request for the establishment of a gambling casino by the brothers Blanc and opening of the Hotel du Grand Chef.
1864 Mondorf already had 8 hotels in this year : Hôtel de l'Etablissement at the Thermal Park, Hotel de l'Europe, Hotel du Grand Chef, Hotel du Commerce, Hotel de France, Hotel du Nord, Hotel des Bains and Hotel de Luxembourg.
15th November 1864 Mondorf spring and outbuildings are sold to a group of capitalists "Société anonyme des Bains de Mondorf"
27th August 1868 Birth of John Grün in Mondorf-les-Bains (later known as the strongest man in the world).
28th August 1878 the Spa resort town is authorized by Grand-Ducal royal decree to take the denomination of : Mondorf-les-Bains.
21st April 1886 Vote of a bill that concerns the resumption of the thermal establishment by the State.
1900 Creation of a Mondorf thermal water bottling station for sending to individuals in Luxembourg and abroad.
1901 The industrialist Charles Bettendorf starts in the construction of 5 houses of character : the Art Nouveau style.
1903 Inauguration of the railway line linking Mondorf to Thionville. This line was called "Thionville / Mondorf-les-Bains secondary railway".
1907 Construction of the synagogue. Consecrated on September 26, 1908 in the presence of the rabbi Fuchs, it is the symbol of the first generation of Jews installed in Mondorf-les-Bains.
1909 Inauguration in the thermal park of the monument dedicated to Dr. M. Klein.
05-12th June 1910 Aviation Week under the auspices of the Aéro-club of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Mondorf-les-Bains.
03rd November 1912 Death of John Grün.
1913 Drilling of a second source : the Marie Adelaïde spring at a depth of 464 meters.
1920 Inauguration of the first monument John Grün.
1926 Inauguration of the Palace Hotel as well as the new hydrotherapy, now known as "Al Thermen".
Between 1939 and 1945 Occupation of Mondorf-les-Bains by the German Reich. After May 08, the city hosted the 59 survivors of the elite of the 3rd Reich.
May-November 1945 The Palace Hotel is transformed into a preventive prison for former Nazi criminals before their trial in Nuremberg.
1948 Purchase by the State of the Palace Hotel, put under sequestration after the war to install the administration of Mondorf-State, as well as the medical institute and the dance and reading rooms.
1963 Inauguration of the new pavilion overlooking the Kind spring.
1975 Construction of the water tower serving Mondorf-Etat in drinking water.
1979 Drilling of the source Michel Lucius.
16th April 1983 CASINO 2OOO opens its doors 128 years after the first application (authorization dating from 1980).
1st May 1988 Official inauguration of the new thermal and health center.
2002/2003 Renovation of the Orangery and creation of the French Garden just in front of its doors.
18th March 2009 The foundation stone of the CHAPITO, event space of the CASINO 2OOO, was laid.
15th November 2011 Official inauguration of CHAPITO after 31 months of construction.
24th April 2015 Visit of the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first man to be released in space on March 18, 1965, at the Fligermusée of Mondorf-les-Bains.
05th May 2015 Inauguration of the new Espace Saunas by Mondorf. Development of the outdoor areas of the Wellness section (9 saunas, hammam in the cave, variable temperature water basin, numerous rest areas).
23th June 2015 Official opening of the Grand Duchess Maria Theresa school complex in the presence of the Duke and Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg.
23rd September 2015 Inauguration of the Mondorf Parc Hotel ****. Conversion and refitting of all rooms (108), bar and lounges located on the ground floor of the hotel.
13rd May 2016 Inauguration of the Clara Reinert garden at the entrance of Mondorf-les-Bains (from Altwies) Clara Reinert (1888-1968) was a midwife who lived in Mondorf-les-Bains rue du Moulin and Having helped to give birth to many in this world.
16th June 2016 Inauguration of the new Roseraie (thermal park) More than 200 varieties of roses with more than 3000 rosebushes.