Effervescence, une exposition d’art par UNO (Uyi Nosa-Odia)


Effervescence, an exhibition of art from UNO (Uyi Nosa-Odia), an invitation to travel.

From April 10 to May 22, by Ruth Gallery at CASINO 2OOO

Between painful memories and a bright future, the Effervescence exhibition is a long journey that explores the sources of a "surviving" artist constantly in search of equality and formal renewal. At the invitation of Ruth Gallery, the visual artist, Uyi Nosa - Odia dit UNO, offers us three itineraries, inviting us to travel through the artist's exceptional journey.
From the tranquility of Luxembourg, to the confines of his native Nigeria, the work of UNO is imbued with a desire to escape and invite to travel.
Looking at his art, it is obvious that UNO has found a very particular form of creation. With acrylic paint, he first colors the surface black, then paints different shapes that give the impression of cracks. Cracks that lead back to the artist's personal story.
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Saturday, 10 April 2021 - Saturday, 22 May 2021


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