Touristic guide

Practical guide of the Commune of Mondorf-les-Bains

  • Culture & history
  • Relaxation & well-being
  • Events
  • Family activities
  • Hotel & gastronomy
  • Shops
2019 - 1ere couv V2
2018 - Package découverte A5

Discovery package

Do you want to discover Mondorf-les-Bains and get a glimpse of what our town has to offer? We have what you need !

Permanent activities

A whole program under the sign of discovery and relaxation.


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  • Mondorf-les-Bains
  • Ellange
  • Altwies
  • Thermal park
  • Playgrounds
Randonnée  Mondorf Duerf

Walking and cycling tours

6 marked trails ranging from the simple hiking trail, to those linking Mondorf-les-Bains to its neighboring towns, passing by historical routes as well as two cycling circuits.

All you have to do is choose!

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Events Calendar

Quarterly Diary of the Mondorf-les-Bains Commune published by MONDORF PROMOTION

2016 01 - Revue Découverte


Thematic reviews:

  1. The discovery of the Commune
  2. The conservation of a historical and cultural heritage

Playful activity Fligermusee

Museum of the Aviation of Luxembourg
Quiz and folding paper airplanes

Mondorf Cine Waasserhaus 01

Waasserhaus Film programm

Weekly program

Marie Astrid boat program

Annual program

Balisage DROITE

Photographic walk

Stolen memories - Memories of Nazi victims